Ritual Baths

A Ritual Bath can cleanse, draw and protect. How to choose the right one for you.


A Ritual Bath can transform your mind and body; forging a deeper connection with spirit. LoveofHoodoo Ritual Bath are blessed and prepared lovingly by Mama K for your specific purpose.

Cleansing - a bath to cleanse and rid your life of negative energy, entities, thoughts and habits. A great companion after completing any crossing/hexing work or when you feel run down.

Love Drawing - a bath to draw in a new love or strengthen the one you are already in. This can also be used for self-love and confidence building.

Protection - use this bath to provide protection of self. This can be used to protect the mind and body from physical/emotional hurt as well as magical works set against you.

Prosperity - this bath is for drawing financial and materials abundance into your life.

Uncrossing - use this bath when you need to uncross yourself from magic placed upon you or you need to get out of a rut. Whenever things do not appear to be moving forward for you.