Curate Your Life

LoH (LoveofHoodoo) is a brand dedicated to creating natural, bath and body products; handmade with roots, herbs, salts and intention.

Founded in 2020 by Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Performing Artist, Kenya Moses; LoH focuses on helping customers "curate" their lives through the healing properties of water and the ingredients within each of our products.

Whether you require more clarity, focus, love or prosperity - LoH products aim to be a catalyst in helping you create and live the life you desire.

Our products and work are focused drawing in what you love into your life: Love, Prosperity, Good Health and whatever else your heart desires.


Isn't Hoodoo a religion? Can I use the products if I a do not practice?  Great question! Hoodoo is not a religion or a closed spiritual practice. It is however, important for any person using these products and/or practicing to acknowledge and respect it's roots in African American history. 

Do you offer wholesale accounts? Yes! Please send us a message using the contact page or follow the links provided to inquire. 

About LoH